Registering a Mobile Client

After the setup is completed, the next thing you need to do is to register a Mobile Client for the mobile app that you are going to develop.

A Mobile Client in OpenShift is a representation of the mobile app that you are developing locally. Mobile Clients allow you to bind your mobile app to mobile services such as Identity Management, Push Notification, Mobile Metrics and others. This makes many of the common tasks associated with mobile development much easier and quicker to implement. For more information, please see Mobile Clients in OpenShift


To create a Mobile Client in your OpenShift project:

  1. Log into the OpenShift console.

  2. Choose your project.

  3. Click Add to Project and choose Browse Catalog from the options.

    You can filter the catalog items to only show mobile specific items by clicking the Mobile tab.

    Available Mobile Clients

  4. Click the Apps tab and then choose the mobile platform (Android, iOS, Cordova or Xamarin) and follow the wizard.

    On the wizard’s configuration screen, it is recommended that you input the name of the showcase application into the Package Name text box.
    When registering an iOS app, you are prompted for a bundle id. See the description of bundle identifiers for more information.

After the Mobile Client is provisioned, you can navigate to it from Project Overview. The Mobile Client view displays a list of mobile services that you can associate with the Mobile Client, and offers to provision any mobile service that is in the service catalog but is not currently provisioned.