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Interface DataSyncConfig

Contains all configuration options required to initialize Voyager Client Options marked with [Modifier] flag are used to modify behavior of client. SDK provides default values for all [Modifier] flags. Users do not need to pass them for normal initialization of the client. Please refer to documentation for more information about the individual flag and it's side effects.


DefaultOptions for defaults


  • DataSyncConfig

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Optional auditLogging

auditLogging: undefined | false | true

If set to true, GraphGL requests will include some additional data to audit log in the server side.

Optional authContextProvider

authContextProvider: AuthContextProvider


An implementation of AuthContextProvider. If none passed, a default one will be used. The default one doesn't add any headers.

Optional conflictListener

conflictListener: ConflictListener

Interface that can be implemented to receive information about the data conflict


see OfflineClient.registerOfflineEventListener

Optional conflictStateProvider

conflictStateProvider: ObjectState


Interface that defines how object state is progressed This interface needs to match state provider supplied on server.

Optional conflictStrategy


The conflict resolution strategy your client should use. By default it takes client version.

Optional fileUpload

fileUpload: undefined | false | true


If set to true, GraphGL file uploads will be enabled and supported

Optional httpUrl

httpUrl: undefined | string

The URL of http server

Optional mutationCacheUpdates

mutationCacheUpdates: CacheUpdates


Cache updates functions for your mutations Argument allows to restore optimistic responses on application restarts.

Optional networkStatus

networkStatus: NetworkStatus


Interface for detecting changes in network status. See WebNetworkStatus and CordovaNetworkStatus

Optional offlineQueueListener

offlineQueueListener: OfflineQueueListener

User provided listener that contains set of methods that can be used to detect when operations were added to queue

Optional openShiftConfig

openShiftConfig: ConfigurationService

OpenShift specific configuration that provides alternative way to setup http and websocket urls.

Optional retryOptions

retryOptions: RetryLink.Options


The options to configure how failed offline mutations are retried.

Optional storage


The storage you want your client to use (Uses window.localStorage by default)

Optional wsUrl

wsUrl: undefined | string

The URL of websocket endpoint

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