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Interface OfflineQueueListener

Interface for creating listeners for offline queue. Offline queue will add elements to queue when it's closed. This listener can be supplied to detect this events.


  • OfflineQueueListener

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Optional onOperationEnqueued

onOperationEnqueued: undefined | function

Called when new operation is being added to offline queue

Optional onOperationFailure

onOperationFailure: undefined | function

Called when back online and operation fails with GraphQL error

graphQLError - application error (it means that user need to react to error and sent this operation again) networkError - operation was retried but it did not reached server (it will be reatempted again)

Optional onOperationSuccess

onOperationSuccess: undefined | function

Called when back online and operation succeeds

Optional queueCleared

queueCleared: undefined | function

Called when offline operation queue is cleared

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