Getting Started with AeroGear Mobile Services


AeroGear Mobile Services provides solutions to common development challenges faced by mobile developers. With OpenShift’s Container technology providing a secure, scalable backend platform, mobile developers can use the AeroGear SDK which supports a range of native (iOS & Android) and hybrid (Xamarin & Cordova) platforms to create secure, high quality apps and makes it easy to add features such as Push Notifications or Authentication.

Mobile Apps in OpenShift allow you to perform Cloud Native Mobile App Development using OpenShift as the back-end for your mobile apps. A Mobile App is a representation of the mobile app that you are developing locally. Mobile Apps allow you to bind your mobile app to mobile services such as Identity Management, Push Notifications, Mobile Metrics and others. This makes many of the common tasks associated with mobile development much easier and quicker to implement.

A configuration file named mobile-services.json acts as the link between your Mobile App in OpenShift and your local app in development. This configuration file is used to initialize the AeroGear SDK in your mobile app and to connect to the back-end Mobile Services you have provisioned on OpenShift.

Mobile Developer Console is part of AeroGear Mobile Services and allows you to:

  • create a representation of your mobile application in OpenShift

  • bind Mobile App with mobile services

  • build your mobile app (requires Mobile CI/CD service)

  • get the mobile-services.json configuration file for use in your local development environment

AeroGear Mobile Services is currently in a development phase. This makes it unsuitable for production deployment. Use this community release as an evaluation environment for developing and deploying mobile applications on Openshift.

This guide shows you how to: