AeroGear Xamarin SDK
AeroGear.Mobile.Core.Utils Namespace Reference


class  AbstractUserPreferences
 Base class for user preferences. Automatically performs sanity checks on parameters. More...
class  AndroidPlatformBridge
class  AndroidUserPreferences
class  ApplicationRuntimeInfo
class  IOSPlatformBridge
class  IOSUserPreferences
interface  IPlatformBridge
 The platform bridge is an object that allows access to platform dependent informations/feature from the shared, platform agnostic, code. To get an instance of the platform bridge, the ServiceFinder class must be used: More...
interface  IUserPreferences
 Represents an user preferences store. More...
class  PlatformInfo
 This class allows the shared code to have info of the real platform the app is running in. More...
class  SanityCheck
 Utility class to help with checking values More...
class  ServiceFinder