Provisioning Data Sync Service


To provision the Data Sync mobile service:

  1. Log into the OpenShift console.

  2. Create a new project or choose an existing project.

  3. Select Catalog from the left hand menu.

    You can filter the catalog items to only show mobile specific items by selecting the Mobile tab.

  4. Click Services and choose the Data Sync service.

    catalog mobile services
  5. Follow the wizard for provisioning that service.

    If prompted to Create a Binding, choose Do not bind at this time.

When provisioning a Data Sync Service, you are prompted to set the following:

Table 1. Configuration
Field Description

Postgres Storage Size (Gb)

Size of persistent volume for Postgres (default value is recommended)

Postgres User

User name that will be used to connect to postgres ('user' will be used if blank)

Postgres Password

Password to connect to Postgres (generated if blank)

Query depth limit

Limit the complexity of the queries solely by their depth

Query complexity limit

Limit the complexity of the queries based on the data

If the Postgres password was generated, retrieve the password using:

oc describe dc postgres-data-sync -n <myproject> | grep POSTGRESQL_PASSWORD

Wait for the database provisioning to finish before executing this command.

Once the wizard steps are completed, navigate to the Project Overview in OpenShift to see the newly provisioned service. Provisioning a service may take some time.