Binding a Mobile Client with the Metrics Service

To use mobile services, you must represent your mobile app in OpenShift using a Mobile Client, and that Mobile Client must be associated with the mobile service. This association is called binding and once it’s done, your mobile app can use that service immediately.

The association between a Mobile Client and Metrics Service uses the Service Broker bind feature.

To associate a Mobile Client with a mobile service:


  1. Navigate to the Overview of your OpenShift project.

  2. Click on the Mobile Client and navigate to Mobile Client view.

    Your mobile app will be represented by two items in OpenShift, an item in the Mobile Clients list and an item in the Provisioned Services list. Make sure to click on the item in the Mobile Clients list.
  3. Navigate to Mobile Services tab.

    mobile clients services all unprovisioned
  4. Click Create Binding and follow the Create Binding wizard to associate the Mobile Client with the Metrics Service.

  5. Fill out the binding parameters required by the Metrics Service.