Configuring the Service

The following section will guide you through configuring the schema of the redirect url and web origin for a client in {idm-name}. This is required to enable OpenID authentication.

Choose the schema of a redirect url


It is recommended to use the package name of the Android app as the schema of the redirect url to avoid conflicts. (e.g. com.aerogear.androidshowcase)


It is recommended to use the Bundle Identifier of the iOS app as the schema of the redirect url. (e.g. org.aerogear.ios-showcase-template)


The schema of the redirect url should be http://localhost/*.


Depending on the platform, set the redirect as described in either the Android or the iOS tab.

Configuring {idm-name}

  1. Expand the Identity Management Service by clicking the > icon.

  2. Click on the Realm URL link to open the {idm-name} Administration Console.

  3. Log in to the Administration console using the credentials you specified at Provisioning (defaults to admin:admin)

  4. Open Clients from the menu.

  5. Open your client. The name of your client is derived from the name of the {mobile-client}, the name of the mobile development platform and the client type, for example myapp-android-public.

  6. Add <schema>:/callback to Valid Redirect URIs.

  7. Add <schema> to Web Origins.

  8. Save your changes.

You must create a new user account before you can log into the Showcase App. To create a new user, follow the steps here and to setup a new users credentials, follow the steps here.