AeroGear Services iOS Swift SDK

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Project Info
License: Apache License, Version 2.0
Build: Xcode
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Mailing lists: aerogear-dev

Showcase application

To try out latest release of SDK go to IOS showcase application

List of Modules

The AeroGear SDK consists of set of Modules

  • Core - Core Module used as base for other Modules
  • Auth - Mobile Application Auth Module
  • Security - Mobile Application Security Module
  • Metrics - Mobile Application Metrics Module
  • Push - Mobile Application Unified Push Module


General Contributing Guide

Dev tests Application Guide


See LICENSE file

## Questions?

Join our user mailing list for any questions or help! We really hope you enjoy app development with AeroGear!

Found a bug?

If you found a bug please create a ticket for us on Jira with some steps to reproduce it.